I am holding my breath and running as fast as possible.

The less time I have the harder it is. It’s winter and I went to bed naked the other night as James and Vincenzo were sleeping with my pyjamas buried underneath them, I woke with a flu.

I shower twice a day now to feel clean yet I hardly wash my clothes, I stopped wearing my studio pants as they are covered in holes and as thin as a web. I wore my nice black pants in the studio and they got paint on them but I really don’t care. It’s like I am holding my breath and running as fast as possible.

On the evening Compartmentalise ends I will pack the clothes I have had for the year away and start a fresh, I will be glad for this. The other day I was at Vinnie’s opp-shop getting materials for my artwork and whilst there searched for a warm jacket for my friend Anne who I live with. I ended up finding one for myself, it was amazing. I thought that as I won’t have a jacket as it will be packed away as apart of the documentation of the performance I would buy it and have them hold it until the day after Compartmentalise ends. They did this for me. My new jacket sits in a plastic bag in a Vinnie’s volunteers work locker.

Jacket Vinnies_compertmentalise


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