Cobwebs keeping me warm

Five days to go. I started washing clothes that have been stored away, I’m not sure if that’s cheating. Tonight I took the clean clothes off the hanging rack and went to put them back away in a bag but first I put one of the jumpers on and looked at myself in the mirror from every angle. I sat on the couch in comfort thinking that all I needed was cosy socks, I started to go upstairs to make a cup of tea but the guilt was too much, I took the jumper off.

There have been changes to Compartmentalise along the way like moving in with Anne made the kitchen thing difficult as she has many things so I limited the crockery we all use to four of each item when I use them and use my specific things as much as possible from these four options. Also a few plants have entered my home since the beginning, the calm that they create is inline with the intention of the performance. Books also but only a few this year. I think that’s all my confessions.

I have a show opening two days before Compartmentalise ends which has made conflict in the count down. I’m dreading my exhibition opening (I would rather not be at my own openings) on Tuesday but can’t wait for Compartmentalise to end on Thursday.

Both my dad and mother-in-law have passed down pants onto me in the last week and I have put them into a bag that can be opened after Compartmentalise. As things sit there I realise I don’t really want them, I want for little but I want for the best of everything now, I have to love it for it to have a place.

The jumper

Compartmentalise jumper, final week

The spiderwebs

Compartmentalise last week socks


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